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Patrons show a little too much skin at local tavern

A local watering hole received a $500 citation and a two-year monitoring period after a "wet T-shirt contest" and breast flashing ensued on July 24.

The Evil Olive Pizzeria & Bar in Dickinson was found to be in violation of city ordinance governing the sale of alcoholic beverages after patrons "flashed" and "otherwise exposed their breasts and nipples," according to a city-sent letter notifying Evil Olive co-owner Jason Polanchek of the violation.

Dickinson Police Department Chief Chuck Rummel said the ordinance violation occurred during a Sick Bastards Motorcycle Club event.

The letter also listed the occurrence of a "wet t-shirt contest" having taken place at about 11 p.m. the same evening.

Under Dickinson Municipal Code, no one at an establishment possessing an alcohol license, "shall knowingly omit to cover securely with an opaque covering the following portions of his or her anatomy: the nipples, the pubes, the cleavage between the buttocks and the genitals."

The Evil Olive paid the $500 fine on Aug. 19 and the Dickinson City Commission reviewed the citation Tuesday evening at a meeting at City Hall.

The Evil Olive was verbally warned about a similar situation shortly after obtaining its liquor license, Rummel said, adding both instances have been Sick Bastard events.

Rummel said the report he received in the first instance alleged a woman was walking around topless for about 10 to 15 minutes.

"This time again we were notified that this same type of behavior happened again where there were breasts ... women were actually just removing their shirts," Rummel said. "This time around we were safe to say flashed, but I understand one woman again took her shirt off, but I can't verify it ... I can tell you that they flashed."

Rummel said an investigation was conducted in which witnesses were interviewed and owners approached.

Main evidence used in the citation was statements from security on scene at the time, Rummel said.

"In this particular case, we had statements from the security that they hired," Rummel said. "They saw it but they didn't react."

The security's identity is unclear.

"That motorcycle club was greeting women at the door and encouraging them to show their breasts and that kind of thing with cards ... that's the information that we received," Rummel said. "Usually when things like that happen, it's going to offend a woman or two and so a woman or two will come forward."

Rummel said the nature of the cards is unclear.

Some women did come forward Rummel said, but none of the cards were able to be produced.

The Evil Olive had 10 days to dispute the penalty and request a public hearing. They did not.

"They now are basically in our system and we will monitor them for a period of two years to make sure there are no further violations," City Administrator Shawn Kessel said during a City Commission meeting Tuesday evening.

While it is unclear how many similar citations have been issued in the past, Rummel said the police department doesn't receive many phone calls about exposure issues.

"This particular last couple times we did and again it was the same motorcycle club," Rummel said.

If the Evil Olive is found to violate the ordinance again within a 24-month period, a $1,000 penalty will be imposed, including a one day suspension of its alcoholic beverage license and a mandatory hearing before the City Commission, according to a letter the city addressed to Polanchek.

Polanchek could not be reached for comment.

A governing member of the Sick Bastards, who wished to remain unidentified, declined comment.