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Hettinger says OK to upping sales tax

HETTINGER -- City Council members approved a change in the sales tax ordinance at a meeting held Wednesday morning at the Adams County Courthouse.

"The change, if approved by the state tax officer, will increase from 1 percent to 1.5 percent," said auditor Patricia Carroll.

NAPA Auto Parts owner Bill Ecker said he worries about what customers will think.

"A majority of our customers come out of South Dakota and they already aren't too thrilled about having to pay sales tax," he said, adding they pay sales tax there, too "but that doesn't mean they are happy about it."

If approved, shoppers will pay the extra half a percent beginning Jan. 1. The revenue from that tax will be used for infrastructure, Carroll said.

City Council members also talked about wandering pets at the meeting.

"We don't have a dog catcher so if your pet is found wandering at large it will cost you $40 to get it from the vet," Chairman Shane Yates said.

The second reading will be held at the next City Council meeting.

The last item of discussion was what to do about two nuisance properties.

"The properties are considered a nuisance because they are run down and in bad need of repair," Yates said, adding no one lives in them.

"We have asked our building inspector to come down and take a look at the two properties and make a suggestion to the council," Carroll said.