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Area hit with hail, rain and lightning

A storm cell brought driving rain, wind, hail and an unconfirmed tornado report to southwestern North Dakota Thursday night.

No one was injured, though there were reports of battered cars and fallen branches.

Stark County Emergency Management had reports of rain ranging from 10 hundredths to two inches, rotation in the clouds and lots of hail ranging from nickel to baseball size," said Brent Pringle, Stark County emergency manager.

The area was under tornado warnings and storm watches throughout the evening.

The storm reminded Paulette Baar, Gladstone resident, of a July storm "Only this time we had 60 hundredths of rain and hail ranging from pea to walnut size."

There was also an unconfirmed report of a tornado near South Heart, Pringle said.

"Dickinson and the surrounding area got hit with a couple different rounds of thunderstorms last night," said Accuweather Meteorologist John Diugoenski. One hit around 5:30 p.m. and the other at 8:30 p.m., he said.

There was "quite a bit of small to medium size hail," in the Belfield area, resident Janell Braun said.

"We had one inch of rain, and the gutters were overflowing because they were clogged by the hail," she said.

Fryburg had 60 mile an hour winds, Diugoenski said.

Adams County Emergency Manager Libby Gravning reported rain and nasty lightning in her area, but added she received no reports of injury or damage.

Hettinger County Sheriff Matt Evenson sadi, "We had rain and hail like everyone else, but no damage."

The storm sparked small wildfires in western South Dakota and led to flash flooding in other parts of North Dakota, according to The Associated Press.

Officials say the biggest of the wildfires touched off by lightning Thursday in South Dakota was less than 1 1/2 acres.

The National Weather Service says nearly 5 inches of rain fell in the Zap area of Mercer County, flooding county roads and farmland.

Phone calls to Dunn County emergency management and the sheriff's office were not returned.

Bowman, Slope, McKenzie and Golden Valley counties had nothing to report.