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Three run for two seats in Bowman County

There are two seats open at the roundtable used by the Bowman County Commission. Rick Seifert is challenging incumbents Kenneth Steiner and Lynn Brackel.

Seifert, Scranton decided to challenge the incumbents "so we would have an election."

Seifert grew up in Scranton and if elected he says he will take a proactive approach in handling the way the county deals with the oil boom.

Seifert is concerned about road conditions and the way the money is distributed.

Steiner has been a county commissioner for eight years.

"I enjoy helping the people and getting things done for the county," Steiner said. "Our county is better off than a lot of counties. We have some money and we can do a lot of things for the people."

Brackel is running because he enjoys working with and representing the residents and wants to see the county continue to grow and prosper.

"I have lived in Bowman County since 1970. Being a commissioner allows me to give back to a community that has given me so much," Brackel said. "Plus, I have just got my feet wet. I have only served on the commission for two years."

Steiner and Brackel said the biggest issue facing the county is the road conditions.

"You can fix them up, but then they get more wear and tear and need to be fixed up again, its just a matter of keeping up," Steiner said.

Brackel said he hopes the county will try a new product that is supposed to help with the roads.

"It's an enzyme you mix with the gravel. It's supposed to keep the dust down and make the gravel more stable," he said.

Other concerns the incumbents have are supporting the townships and the large difference between the amount of oil tax money the state is taking out of Bowman County in comparison with the amount that the county, schools and cities are receiving.

Brackel added he supports a measure on the ballot to increase the county's emergency service communication fee.

"It needs to be a user fee, it's no different than a plumbing or electrical permit whoever uses it should pay for it, it would be a more fair set up like sales tax," Brackel said.

The election is Nov. 2.