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South Heart City Council member steps down

Jim Splichal is opening up about his resignation from the South Heart City Council on Oct. 11 and says he and other council members disagree about what the position entails.

"I felt I wasn't fulfilling the job the council had in mind," Splichal said this week.

"The council felt it was my duty as city councilman, not only to serve on the council, but also to clean the streets, do the snow removal, spray weeds and clean culverts," he said. "But with having a full-time job, I just don't have the time to fulfill these duties."

South Heart City Councilman Chuck Andrus said each City Council member has the same responsibilities, though they each also have different duties to fulfill and Splichal's was streets.

"I was very sad to see Splichal go, very sad," Mayor Floyd Hurt said. "There are a lot of demands that come with the job and it can be overwhelming. It doesn't fit everyone's schedule."

The council has not filled the seat.

The council has two options, city Attorney Matthew Maus said. "The council has 15 days after his resignation to appoint someone or they can call for a special election."

Council members decided it was best to post the position and see if anyone wanted to apply and go from there, Hurt said.

In the interim, and possibly even after they find a replacement, the council hired Lonnie Kostelecky to move snow.

"It's getting late in the year and it already snowed once and we needed to find someone to clean the streets so people can get to work in the mornings," Hurt said.

Hurt said anyone interested in the position should call the city auditor, Renae Prous at 701-677-5550 between 8 a.m. and noon.