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8 area vehicle rollovers in 24 hours

Icy roads played a big part in causing eight vehicle rollovers and two other accidents in the area in less than 24 hours.

No fatalities were reported and several people were transported to area hospitals.

Sgt. Will Vance of the North Dakota Highway Patrol said the accidents occurred from Glen Ullin to Dunn County into southern McKenzie County from about 6 p.m. Wednesday continuing through about 10 a.m. Thursday.

The crashes did not occur on just one roadway.

Vance said the accidents occurred on Interstate 94 and highways 22, 200 and 85.

"They were all over the place," Vance said.

Due to the number of accidents and the number of deputies involved, it is unknown at this time whether speed was a factor, Vance said.

Dunn County Sheriff Don Rockvoy said three rollovers occurred in the county due to ice early Thursday morning.

"We can't stress enough when people that are from out of the area, and even the people that are in the area, it seems like we have to re-learn every fall when the ice hits. But, I know it's tough for the drivers that are out of the area that aren't familiar with icy roads," Rockvoy said.

The rollovers were located near an intersection of highways 8 and 200 near Halliday, one west of Dunn Center by Lake Ilo and one north of Manning.

Rockvoy stresses drivers should take their time when driving in icy conditions.

"You push it on ice and you're going to end up going for a ride," Rockvoy said.

Billings County Deputy Sheriff Jason Kastrow said a rollover accident occurred Wednesday morning due to ice near Fairfield, but no one was injured.

Dispatch for the McKenzie County Sheriff's Department said the officers responded to three accidents Thursday morning.

Vance says when road conditions become icy or treacherous, drivers need to slow down, wear their seatbelts, avoid using cruise control and allow more time for the trip.

Calls to the Halliday Police Department and the Stark County Sheriff's Office went unanswered.