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Crash causes $21,000 worth in vehicle damages

A three-car accident at a busy Dickinson intersection Wednesday night sent four people to the hospital and caused approximately $21,000 in damages.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Third Ave. W and 15th St. Wednesday evening.

"We were pretty lucky," said Nathan Lebsock, the 22-year-old driver of a vehicle from Dickinson.

Dickinson Police Capt. Dustin Dassinger said a Chevrolet pick-up driven by Ryan Rogina, 20, Belfield, was heading south on Third Ave. W when it struck Lebsock's vehicle.

Lebsock's vehicle was hit on the front passenger side. After Lebsock's vehicle was struck, it spun around and hit a vehicle driven by Shaunda Nadvornik, 28, Dickinson, on the left rear corner. Nadvornik was stopped at a red light.

Rogina was cited for careless driving for going faster than conditions allowed, Dassinger said.

Dassinger said Rogina's 15-year-old female passenger and both Nathan and Mekenzie Lebsock were transported by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital.

"I had 28 stitches across my forehead," Nathan Lebsock said. "My wife, Mekenzie, had a concussion and had to spend the night in the hospital."

Rogina and his passenger also were also injured.

"I just had a carpet burn on my head, but my passenger messed up her spine and had a concussion," Rogina said. He added his passenger will be OK.

Rogina and Lebsock both incurred approximately $10,000 in damages to their vehicles, while Nadvornik incurred around $1,000.