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Many residents still have IRS refund checks waiting

Eight taxpayers who listed southwest North Dakota addresses when filing their tax returns have not received their refund checks, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

The average undelivered refund check in North Dakota is more than $800, said Carrie Resch, IRS media relations representative.

"Most of them are for 2009, some of them may be older," she said.

There is $123,000 in undelivered refund checks for 153 taxpayers in North Dakota, she added.

"We tried to mail those refunds and for whatever reason they weren't deliverable by the postal service," Resch said. "Sometimes the address might have been incomplete or illegible. Sometimes people moved and didn't update their address with the IRS or the postal service."

The IRS tries to contact those who haven't received their return throughout the summer, she added.

"A lot of times it's simply just a life event or a life change, like a marriage or a divorce or students moving to and from college, things like that," Resch said.

Even if the IRS is unable to deliver return checks, the money still belongs to the taxpayers who filed, Resch said.

"Because you filed the return and claimed a refund it's yours, so it stays attached to your social security number in our system," she said. "If you don't call and change your address and claim it, then if you file a return next year with a good address then we release it at that time."

However, those who want to get their return sooner can go to and use the "Where's My Refund?" tool.

Those without internet access can call 1-800-829-1954, Resch said.

"They need to have their tax return with them, because there's a couple pieces of information that they'll need off of it, so we can verify their identity and for most people they'll be able to update their address right there and we'll get the check on its way," Resch said.

Nathan Sorenson, certified public accountant with Brady Martz and Associates PC in Dickinson, said there are a few things taxpayers can do to avoid missing their check.

"The first thing and the most important thing is that they have their correct address on their tax return when they send it in," Sorenson said.

A change of address form is available on the IRS website.

Resch said having refund checks direct deposited will also help taxpayers avoid not getting their check.

"If they do direct deposit they need to make sure their bank account and routing numbers are correct on their tax return, otherwise it can delay the refund, or perhaps they won't even get it if they don't notice it coming in," Sorenson added.