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Turkey Trot raises money, collects food for Amen Food Pantry

Despite freezing temperatures and wind, 11 Anytime Fitness members and their friends bundled up and embarked on a 5 kilometer run or walk in Dickinson Thursday morning to raise donations for the Amen Food Pantry.

Each Anytime Fitness member and their guests brought in at least five nonperishable food items or $10 to participate in the facility's Turkey Trot.

"We have been extremely lucky and blessed that we've had considerable donations and a lot of people that are willing to donate," said Amy Beck, Amen Food Pantry board member.

Two boxes of food and $105 was raised by those who participated, said Lisa Annable, manager of Anytime Fitness.

"We do have some who have brought in things and said they'd like to participate but they're going to be out of town or what have you, so they've just brought in either money or a bag of food of some sort," Annable said.

Thursday was the first time the event was held, she added.

"We just wanted to try it this year just to see how it would go and what the interest would be and just kind of give our members something fun to do on Thanksgiving while they're waiting for their turkey to get done," Annable said. "You know you put your turkey in at 6 a.m. ... It's a reason to come to the gym and work out before the actual meal starts."

Raising donations for the community seemed like a good addition to the event, she added.

"With the community, it's hard times right now for the economic issues that are going on all over and it's just another way to help out the community," Annable said. "There's so many out there that are enduring those hardships, so we just figured this would be something we could do for our members as far as the workout, to get them involved and to get us involved a little bit more in the community as well."

Beck is thankful for the donations.

"I think it's wonderful. Any help or time given is absolutely fabulous," she said. "We certainly appreciate everything everybody does and we appreciate when they think of us this time of year and during the entire year. People have been very helpful and helped a lot of families."

Annable wants to make the run an annual event.

"It was a trial-type thing, just to see what the interest was," she said. "We're hoping that we continue from here on out each Thanksgiving and do the Turkey Trot and then open it up to the community."