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Slippery roads cause rollovers

At least 12 vehicles slid and rolled into area ditches Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, two people were injured and a fence at Theodore Roosevelt National Park was damaged when a semi slid off the road.

Overnight freezing rain caused area roads to become extremely slippery.

"North of Dickinson was pretty treacherous," said Stark County Road Superintendent Al Heiser. "The roads were actually physically shiny when I came in this morning."

Two Casper, Wyo., residents traveling to the Dunn Center area were treated for injuries sustained when their vehicle rolled, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Tilman Carty, 53, was traveling from Dickinson on Highway 22 and attempted to pass another vehicle when he lost control of his pickup near mile marker 82, according to the NDHP.

The vehicle rolled once and landed on its wheels.

Carty and his passenger, Randy Wert, 50, were transported by Dickinson ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital and have been released, according to the NDHP.

Both were wearing their seatbelts and the pickup was totaled.

Sgt. Will Vance said the NDHP received several calls for service including nine vehicles that slid off the road and got stuck.

A semi damaged a Theodore Roosevelt National Park fence when it slid off the road, as well, Vance said.

"It's the boundary fence that goes along just north of I-94," said Eileen Andes, chief of interpretation and public affairs for TRNP. "It took down about 40 feet of fencing and three steel posts."

It occurred near mile marker 34 and the semi was driven out of the park at about 10:30 a.m., she said.

"They were actually able to chain up the truck and drive it out, rather than having to tow it," Andes said.

The 7-foot fence is in place to keep bison and feral horses in and Andes is confident none got out.

The fence was repaired by about 4 p.m. Wednesday, she added.

Vance said troopers kept busy responding to calls and described it as a "typical icy day."

Including the crash Carty and Wert were involved in, the NDHP responded to three crashes involving property damage.

"There was nothing serious," Vance said.

All of the incidents occurred on Highway 22 north of Dickinson and on Interstate 94 from Dickinson to Beach, he added.

Classes at Killdeer Public School were canceled Wednesday, but Superintendent Gary Wilz expects school will be open today.

"It's not a bad day out side, it's just the roads are pretty ugly," Wilz said Wednesday.

Stark County Road Department employees were out early sanding icy roads, Heiser said.

"The further south I got the less icy it got, but south of Dickinson wasn't bad at all," Heiser said. "We usually sand hills, curves, stop signs and try to keep them sanded up the best we can."

There weren't many problems on Dickinson roads.

"We haven't had any major issues in town today," Dickinson Police Capt. Dustin Dassinger said Wednesday.