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Bears orphaned after fatal attack make debut

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- Three orphaned grizzly bears that took part in a fatal rampage this summer through a campground outside Yellowstone National Park are making their public debut at a Montana zoo.

A dozen preschoolers watched early Friday morning as the young bears -- named Dolly, Loulou and Koda -- nosed around a two-acre outdoor compound surrounded by high-voltage electric fencing.

Senior keeper Krystal Whetham says the bears will spend the next several weeks getting used to their surroundings before they are allowed out during ZooMontana's regular hours.

Wildlife officials killed the bears' mother after she led them on a late-night attack in July near Cooke City that left a Michigan man dead and two others injured. Although the younger bears participated, officials said they were only following their mother's lead.