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Dickinson sees slight baby boom

The number of babies born at St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Center this year is on its way to meeting the number it did last year. With less than two weeks of 2010 left, will the stork stop in Dickinson seven more times to hit the magic number -- 358?

The increase in babies happened the last time there was an energy boom, too, President and CEO of St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Center Reed Reyman said of increased oil activity in southwest North Dakota.

"I don't know what the correlation may be," he said with a chuckle.

Reyman said the increase is exciting because either people are choosing to increase the size of their family or there are more young people staying or moving into our community.

Either way, an increase may indicate more jobs and opportunities and that people are happy with where they live and what Dickinson and other surrounding towns have to offer.

"I see that trend (growth in number of babies) continuing," said Deb Bolin, director of Acute Care Services at St. Joseph's. "Based on these records I would say that next year we will either stay about the same or see even more births."

Dickinson Mayor Dennis Johnson is pleased to hear the number of newborns is increasing each year. "I think it speaks well for the future of our community," he said.

There is no such thing as too many babies for St. Joseph's.

"We are fine with the amount of deliveries," Reyman said. "We have not passed any numbers we can't handle."