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Aside from a contentious, yet non-serious, bill that deals with censoring political advertising, North Dakota lawmakers will also mull other bills this week that could potentially influence the political process or public offices.

Each of these is scheduled for committee hearings Friday morning in Bismarck:

r HB 1299 would allow cross-party primary elections, in which voters could choose between different parties down the ballot. However, voters could only choose candidates of a single party for each particular office. The legislation is intended to make it easier for third-party candidates to qualify for the general election ballot.

r HB 1300 would add a financial disclosure requirement to candidate's statement of interest form, which they must file when seeking public office. Candidates would need to disclose their and their spouse's sources of non-employment income in excess of $50,000, and also the value of that income -- which they don't have to reveal under current law.

r HB 1354 changes how vacancies for the North Dakota Legislature would be handled. The bill details how and when special elections would be required under state law. Currently, it's up to a district's residents to petition for a special election to be held.

Source: North Dakota Legislature