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Who let the bison out?

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) -- The National Park Service is trying to find out who opened a gate at a bison capture facility near Gardiner that allowed 10 to 15 bison to escape and that have not been located.

Authorities tell the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that the bison escaped March 10. The bison tested positive for exposure to brucellosis and were being held at the Stephens Creek capture facility to prevent them from roaming toward ranches where they might transmit the disease to cattle.

Roughly half the park's approximately 3,500 bison carry the disease, which could potentially infect livestock causing pregnant cattle to abort their young. No bison-to-cattle transmissions have been recorded.

Authorities made the escape information public on Thursday.

More than 600 bison have been captured trying to leave the park this year.