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Charges dismissed on accused drug dealers

Charges against two Dickinson residents accused of delivering drugs have been dismissed due to a lack of evidence, Stark County State's Attorney Tom Henning said Wednesday.

Martin Morel, 48, was accused of conspiring to deliver and delivering the prescription drug hydromorphone, according to his criminal complaint.

"We're happy with the outcome and my client is going to put his life back together," Carey Goetz, Morel's attorney, said.

Morel was believed to have provided the drugs to a woman who died earlier this year, Henning said.

"We are unable (in the absence of the woman) to show that in fact he provided her with the drug," Henning said. "In these instances, because of the loss of our evidence, there's essentially no way that we can ever re-bring (charges) absent the confession of the defendant."

Jeanifer Meyer-Dutton, 30, was accused of delivering


She was allegedly at a residence where a drug deal occurred, but nobody would say Meyer-Dutton participated in it, Henning said.

"Now, when I asked agents to review this for me, to say 'OK what did she do here?' we didn't have stuff that was good enough to proceed with," Henning said.

A call to Mary Nordsven, Meyer-Dutton's attorney, was not immediately returned.