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DHS to get new gym floor

The Dickinson High School practice gym will have new stomping ground as officials plan to put a new, permanent hardwood floor over the existing synthetic floor this summer.

The Dickinson Public School Board accepted a bid from Athletic Performance Solutions, LLC, for $142,600 to install a maple floor over top of the existing synthetic tartan floor during a meeting Monday evening.

The current court is in poor condition and the improvement is much needed, Assistant Superintendent Vince Reep said.

"For a couple of years we have looked at issues with the tartan floor in the practice gymnasium," Reep said during the meeting. "We have cracks and it's just plain getting beat up."

The practice facility, including the tartan floor, was part of the 1996 addition to the school. Reep said the foundation is still good, but the rubber-like material was stretched, causing damage.

DHS activities director Mark Rerick said the gym is used primarily for basketball and volleyball teams, but is also used by physical education classes and outdoor sports that cannot practice due to weather.

Most events are held in the main gym, but the practice floor is the main arena for junior varsity and freshman teams, tournaments and training camps, Rerick said. He added it will give athletes a better experience.

"The switch to wood is great because it is more of a high performance surface," he said.

Reep said more financial wherewithal in the Capital Projects fund allowed advancement on the plans. The Capital Projects fund is used solely for the improvement of facilities.

Rerick was excited.

"We had some opportunities to spend some extra money and it was something that was important as an athletic department and a school district," he said.

An advertisement for the job was published in the newspaper three times late last year asking for bids since the project would cost over $100,000.

Dickinson Public Schools was familiar with the Minnesota-based Athletic Solutions because they installed a hardwood floor at Berg Elementary two years ago.

"They are a great company," Reep said.

Athletic Solutions' bid covers installation of the anchored subfloor panels with maple over the existing floor, sanding, sealing, painting game lines, logos and finishing coats.

"This bid calls for having it ready to go," Reep said.

The hardwood in the main gym is the 1967 original flooring, Reep said. With proper upkeep the maple floor will have a much longer lifetime than the synthetic floor that is being covered. Rerick said it will have to be sanded down and refinished about every six or eight years.

Installation crews will move in June 6 and the work is expected to be completed by mid-July at the latest.