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2 run for Billings Co School Board

Anthony Kessel will face off against incumbent Darren Baranko for a District 3 director seat on the Billings County School Board on Tuesday.

Baranko beat Kessel at the polls three years ago and Kessel wants another shot.

He served on the board for 15 years prior to the last election, Kessel said.

"One reason why I want to go back is we've got a bunch of young family members on that board and they've got this idea that whatever is good for their kids, that's the way they want to push things," Kessel said. "I want to see what's good for the whole community, not just for the kids that are in school right now."

Baranko has four children.

"I would like to see the district do well and prosper and do well for the kids," he said. "Even when we lived in Dunn County, our kids have always gone here to Billings County just for the personal one-on-one touches."

Both men grew up in Billings County and would like to do what they believe is best for the district.

"We have the ability that if there's a justified need for something, the district does have the capabilities to provide it," Baranko said.

Kessel wants more lines of communication between school districts.

"I hope to follow people's wishes, with what is good for the district," Kessel said. "Hopefully we can get some changes in there."

Voters can hit the polls from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at DeMores and Prairie schools.

"I see a need to be filled and I believe in citizen government and I believe people should really partake in it," Baranko said.