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Officials ask residents to be prepared for flooding

Portions of Adams, Hettinger and Stark counties spent most of Tuesday under a flood warning, but officials said it is not a cause for concern as much as it is a reminder to be prepared.

Stark County Emergency Manager Bill Fahlsing said a notification is sent out to the public when the National Weather Service issues a flood warning, but that does not mean there is flooding going on. It just indicates the expected conditions have the potential for flooding.

Fahlsing said there were no reports of overland flooding in Stark County on Tuesday.

NWS Meteorologist Harlyn Wetzel said the flooding mostly affects creeks and township roads and the severity of an advisory is calculated by how quickly streams are reacting to water, ground saturation and the expected amounts of precipitation compared against the estimated amounts needed to cause flooding.

Adams County Emergency Manager Michele Marthaller said the county got little more than a few scattered sprinkles and there were no reports of any flooding, but residents should still be aware of quickly changing conditions.

"Residents need to be cognizant that there is potential and be prepared in the event something would happen," Marthaller said.

No flooding reports were made in Hettinger County, Emergency Manager Ilene Hardmeyer said, but she urged residents to be aware of road conditions.

"When they put out the flood warning and you are driving on gravel roads, make sure to watch out," Hardmeyer said. "All of a sudden water can raise and the roads can wash out."

The NWS of Bismarck forecasts chances of rain and thunderstorms every night for the remainder of the week.