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Hebron voters pick 3 for school board

The Hebron School Board election was well attended Wednesday.

There were 13 write-ins for three vacancies. The first open seat was for a rural representative, which no one filed for.

Archie Wanner won with 17 votes. Other write-ins include Charles Brandt, 10 votes, John Woroniecki, 9, Dave Kraenzel, 6, Wendi Glass, 2, Darrel Schultz, 1, Kathy Sardelli, 1, Lori Unruh, 1, Eberhardt Harnisch, one, Gailen Schneider, one and Jodi Woroniecki, 1. There were 21 spoiled ballots, those that are illegible, incorrect, invalid or duplicated.

The second seat was for a city representative. Stacy Schmalenberger won with 50 votes. Write-in Sandee Coleman received 21.

The at-large seat was won by William "Bill" McCone. He received 55 votes. Write-ins included Gailen Schneider, 6, Charles Brandt, 2, Archie Wanner, 1, Ross Glass, 1. There were six spoiled ballots.

There was also a measure asking whether the school board meeting minutes should be published. The vote was 58 "yes," 11 "no" and 2 spoiled.