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ND Gov. Dalrymple invites president to tour flooded areas

BISMARCK -- Gov. Jack Dalrymple has invited President Barack Obama to tour the flood devastation in North Dakota.

Dalrymple spoke on the phone with the president Monday afternoon and thanked him for the presidential disaster declaration, Dalrymple spokeswoman Jody Link said.

Dalrymple also invited the president to take an aerial tour to see what's happening with the Missouri and Souris rivers, as well as Devils Lake.

The president said he would take the invitation under consideration, Link said.

Dalrymple also pressed Obama to extend individual assistance in the state. The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Individual Assistance Program will not cover all flood damages, but is designed to relieve the impact of losses for people with low and moderate incomes.

Dalrymple requested approval for 22 counties and two reservations. So far, Burleigh and Ward counties -- which include Bismarck and Minot -- have been approved.

The president said he would take the request under consideration, Link said.

Link doesn't know what the chances are of Obama touring North Dakota.

"The governor just thought it was important to see it, to see first hand and see the level of devastation," Link said.