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Drug charges dismissed

A prescription drug-related charge against a 39-year-old Dickinson woman has been dismissed, Stark County State's Attorney Tom Henning said Thursday.

Jennifer Rickabaugh was accused of delivering 60 Hydrocodone pills to a confidential informant for $300 in September, a Class A felony, according to her criminal complaint.

However, Henning said that charge is inappropriate, since she did not actually deliver the drugs -- Doyle Roper, 57, did.

"She didn't actually do the handoff," Henning said. "They got charged together -- one of those deals where we charged before we have everything laid out exactly."

Roper, a Dickinson resident, is on probation for pleading guilty to the charge in June.

"We have the person that actually did the delivery," Henning said of Roper.

Although Rickabaugh has been cleared of the charge, she may face other charges related to the incident, Henning said.

"Unquestionably, she was involved," Henning said. "Whether or not it merits more official action on her part what with the owner of the pills having been prosecuted for violating the law would be a question of what further benefit

it is."

A message left for Rickabaugh's attorney, Jay Greenwood was not returned.