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Crash becomes fatal

A damaged semi-truck involved in a fatal accident near Scranton is towed through Dickinson on Wednesday afternoon.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported the operator of a riding lawn mower died after colliding with the side of a semitrailer while trying to maneuver near Scranton on Tuesday afternoon. Sixty-year-old Amidon resident Bonnie Parkin died at the scene and truck driver Douglas Caron, 50, of Scranton was taken to Bowman Hospital to be treated for injuries. No injuries were reported for passenger Jerry Caron. The NDHP reported that Caron saw Parkin mowing her farm yard adjacent to the road. He then noticed the mower being driven onto the road to turn around and he hit the brakes and drove into the ditch to avoid a collision. The riding mower then drove into the side of the trailer, according to the report. Carson's truck and trailers overturned in the ditch and the Bowman County Ambulance responded to the crash, taking Caron to Bowman Hospital for treatment. NDHP Sergeant Dan Haugen said Caron had "no apparent major injuries," but he was taken in for a precautionary check. Haugen said the truck was being used to transport hay bales. The patrol reported the crash remains under investigation.