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Hendricksons, Theurers open The Brew

Lucas and Danae Hendrickson have gotten a crash course in business management since their parents purchased a downtown coffee shop in Dickinson.

The Brew, which was formerly Badlands Brew, has been taken over by Dick and Tai Theurer and Brenda and John Hendrickson. Their children, Lucas and Danae are managing it.

"You learn how to please people and when they come in you can brighten their day," Denae said. "We've learned to make quality drinks and quality coffee."

She had some experience working in a coffee shop and Lucas had a little bit of business experience, so they pooled their knowledge and have been learning on the way.

"We knew coming into it we were going to learn a lot, but the first week was just crazy," Denae said. "Now we've got a pretty good handle on it and we've had a lot of fun meeting a lot of new people."

Lucas and Denae are enjoying their new careers.

"I'm maybe a little younger or the same age as all of my employees so it's kind of cool to work with my friends and they're really honored to be a part of what's happening and it's really great," Denae said.

In the middle of everything, the family was preparing for another new beginning, since Denae and Lucas were married about a month ago.

"Not only did we have the purchase of The Brew, we had their wedding planned," Brenda said. "It was a little crazy, but we made it."

Besides some new faces, a lot has recently changed at the coffee shop. The first thing a person may notice when entering The Brew is the change in décor.

"We have changed the atmosphere a little bit, just trying a make it a little more college-orientated atmosphere," Lucas said.

Brenda said the business used be badlands and Medora-themed, but not anymore.

"It blends in urban and vintage atmosphere because it's such an old church and an awesome building but we brought in some new art and seating," Denae said.

They will also be bringing in music.

"We might do outdoor stuff if the weather permits or just have a couple of guys doing some acoustic stuff," Lucas said.

Rather than roast their own coffee beans, The Brew purchases different kinds of roasted beans.

"It is a very specific science to roasting, so that's why we opted not to roast our own beans," Brenda said.

They also offer natural syrups for flavor.

"We downsized the food menu so it's four sandwiches instead of eight because we wanted to do more of a coffee shop than a bistro," Danae said.

They kept the most popular sandwiches and now run specials on occasion where sandwiches that were taken off the menu are available again.

Soup and pastries are still featured at The Brew and new drinks are also available.

"For the most part we're going to try to keep adapting and keep changing to kind of keep up with what we have," Lucas said.

Employees use an iPad as a cash register, which allows them to text and email receipts to customers.

"We're saving a lot of paper," Danae said. "A lot of people are really fascinated by it."

The business is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 2 p.m. to 9 a.m. Sunday.

"It's good to have the option to go past 5," Lucas said. "There's not a lot of those options downtown."

The Brew is at 215 Sims. To contact the Hendricksons, call 701-483-2759.