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Man suspected of trying to run over Bismarck police officer found in South Dakota

Initial thought

North Dakota Game and Fish Courtesty Photo In my first two months at The Dickinson Press, I have experienced a couple of the sights that Dickinson has to offer. This is a photo of Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Medora.

Two months ago, I drove nine hours to get from point A to point B.

The starting point was Vermillion, S.D., where I went to school at the University of South Dakota. The destination was my new home in Dickinson.

Before coming up everyone said the same thing, 'Beautiful country up there,' those people weren't lying.

Growing up in eastern South Dakota, I knew what to expect in sights and sounds of being in the Midwest.

So, coming into the western side of the state wasn't a big shock to me.

Though I knew what to expect, I wasn't expecting this.

The part that I didn't realize that it doesn't matter if you go one mile or 90 miles from Dickinson -- you are going to see beautiful sights. Even if you live in the top floor of the apartment building you have the chance to see some rolling hills.

I have taken a few trips to surrounding communities in either a search for a story or just for fun.

The three trips that stick out most to me are going Killdeer, Medora and Scranton.

Traveling from Dickinson and Killdeer can take awhile, because of all the traffic due to the oil fields. The time spent on the road is worth the wait. The Highway 22 stretch allows anyone to see Badlands features twisting and turning around corners.

Driving through the Badlands is one thing, but being able to enjoy all 30 minutes of a drive is another.

Going to Medora was one trip that I had been meaning to take sooner, but you can't pass up and opportunity to interview legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight.

I had planned to speak with Knight at Bully Pulpit Golf Course. I had just missed Knight's bus, but the man in the pro shop told me that Knight was travel to Heart River. Even though the interview with Knight at Bully Pulpit didn't work out, it was still enjoyable to see one of the most scenic golf courses in North Dakota.

The final trip was taken to Scranton for the Hettinger-Scranton and Bowman County football game Battle for the Bone. Taking the drive from Scranton to Dickinson at 10 p.m. was interesting to say the least.

I will admit that during a beautiful day the roads can be very picturesque, but at night the roads turn into scary place. The fear can turn quickly into a reality as a nimble creature pops up from the ditch -- a deer.

I was forced to drive 55 in a 70 due to seeing 12 deer in a span of less than 10 minutes. I actually saw more deer than cars on the drive home.

Whether you live in the east or the west sides of the state, deer are going to spring on the road every now and again. Thought I plan to never hit one of them, I do continue to plan on taking trips around the Dickinson area.

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