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Dalrymple for president?

Dalrymple laughs at presidential run mention.

BISMARCK -- Don't call Gov. Jack Dalrymple if you're looking for a presidential candidate.

Dalrymple ruled out a run for the White House on Thursday after some tongue-in-cheek urging from the nation's leading newspaper.

In a humorous column titled "Desperately Seeking Dalrymple," New York Times op-ed columnist Gail Collins suggests the North Dakota governor join the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

"North Dakota has so many jobs there's a labor shortage . And a monster budget surplus. Of course, this is almost entirely because they've discovered a huge field of oil up there," she writes. "But do you remember how Rick Perry keeps bragging about job creation in Texas? If Perry can take credit for oil, Gov. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota can, too."

But like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Dalrymple isn't about to let the national media talk him into a presidential campaign.

"(I'm) very flattered to even have my name mentioned in the nation's largest newspaper, but no," he laughed. "This is going to have to be left to some other Republican candidates, I guess. I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing right now."

Dalrymple said he was in Medora at a meeting with the oil and gas producing counties when he first heard about the column. After giving a speech, he asked if there were any questions and was asked if it was true that he was running for president.

"Everybody burst out laughing. I said, 'Am I missing something here?' " Dalrymple said.

The state and its governor have basked in national attention due to North Dakota's strong economy and low unemployment rate. Dalrymple had an interview with CNN Money this week. This summer, he also did interviews with Jim Cramer of CNBC's "Mad Money" and with CNBC show "Squawk Box."

Finneman is a multimedia reporter for

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