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Hess donates $25M for ND education project

BISMARCK (AP) -- The energy company Hess Corp. is donating $25 million to a project aimed at helping North Dakota students to prepare for college and careers.

Hess Corp. and Gov. Jack Dalrymple on Tuesday announced the donation for the "Succeed 2020" project. It is aimed at middle school and high school students, beginning with next year's fifth-graders, who will graduate in 2020.

"This investment in building North Dakota's workforce of the future is part of our commitment to make a positive impact on the communities where we do business," said John Hess, chairman and CEO of Hess Corp., one of the oldest and biggest operators in western North Dakota's booming oil patch. "We hope this program will ensure that each student in North Dakota has the opportunity to build a rewarding career, which will help further strengthen the state economy for many years to come."

During this school year, planning grants will be distributed to bring together education, business and community leaders and parents. Regional education associations will take the lead in designing and implementing programs, Dalrymple said.