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Thanksgiving nightmares

On a high-stress cooking day like Thanksgiving, there's sure to be something that goes wrong.

We asked for your Thanksgiving dinner horror stories and heard some good ones:

"Horror stories? Like the time I turned on the oven self-cleaner with the turkey in the oven?

I was at somebody's house making Thanksgiving dinner. This would have been 15 years ago or more. I was not familiar with the oven ... it had this bar on it. The turkey's in the oven, and I pushed this bar thinking I'm closing the oven door tight, but actually what it did was it started the self-cleaner.

We actually ended up taking the stovetop apart to get at the latch. We probably could have just gone down to the circuit breaker and threw the switch. The turkey was fine ... it was only like that for a couple of minutes."

-- Lyle Halvorson, Bismarck

"Communication is the key to having a successful family Thanksgiving dinner. My husband, Wade, was evidently thought to have smoked a turkey in the family's smoker and was to bring the turkey to his mother's house for the family Thanksgiving. But Ardella said the kids (our nephews) didn't like smoked turkey, so she would fix the turkey. So, we came empty-handed to Ardella's home, but Ardella opened the door to only ask where the turkey was. No turkey! So, Wade and Ardella ran to the grocery store, while it was open until 3 p.m. So the Newgards had ham for Thanksgiving 2010 instead of traditional turkey. Lesson learned -- communication!"

-- Carla Newgard, Minot

"The Thanksgiving dinner that can't be forgotten is when my sister-in-law had a bottle of chokecherry wine and opened it, and it blew all over the walls, ceiling and everything in the kitchen."

-- Marion Drenth, Jamestown

Finneman is a multimedia reporter for Forum Communications Co.