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Oyloe, Kvernum win ND Coyote Classic

The 10th annual North Dakota Coyote Classic was won by Marty Oyloe and Mitch Kvernum.

All ties were broken with whichever team checked-in first. Since Oyloe and Kvernum were the first to check in, they won the top money and a pair of rifles Jan. 12 to 14 in Dickinson.

The first place team shot 13 coyotes for a grand prize of $4,392, a set of plaques and a pair of Olympic Arms SST Barrel AR's .204 caliber rifles.

The duo of Blaine and Wyatt Mullman finished runner-up, also with 13 coyotes. They won $3,022.

Third was Scott Larson and Troy Sand with 13 coyotes. The pair took home $2,143 and a set of plaques.

Dave Tatum and Ryan Thompson, John Powell and Scott Katus each bagged 12 coyotes. Getting fourth and fifth respectively.

Joel Kaczynski and Dale Peplinski shot 11 coyotes for sixth place, while Nick Nielson and Kurry Delparte finished seventh with nine coyotes.

The teams of Gary Will and Kevin Hertz, Jason and Dan Arnson, Scott Bradac and Mike Sonsalla all had eight coyotes. The teams got eighth through 10th respectively.

In total, there were 43 teams, 210 coyotes shot, about $20,000 in cash, prizes and door prizes awarded.

10th Annual North Dakota Coyote Classic

1st Place: Marty Oyloe, Mitch Kvernum, 13 coyotes, $4392.00 cash, plaques, pair of Olympic Arms SST Bull Barrel AR's .204 caliber rifle.

2nd Place: Blaine Mullman, Wyatt Mullman, 13 coyotes, $3022.00 cash, plaques

3rd Place: Scott Larson, Troy Sand, 13 coyotes, $2143.00 cash, plaques

4th Place: Dave Tatum, Ryan Thompson, 12 coyotes, $928.00 cash, plaques

5th Place: John Powell, Scott Katus, 12 coyotes, $619.00 cash, plaques

6th Place: Joel Kaczynski, Dale Peplinski, 11 coyotes, $464.00

7th Place: Nick Nielson, Kurry Delparte, 9 coyotes, $387.00

8th Place: Gary Will, Kevin Hertz, 8 coyotes, $309.00

9th Place: Jason Arnson, Dan Arnson, 8 coyotes, $232.00

10th Place: Scott Bradac, Mike Sonsalla, 8 coyotes, $154.00