Weather Forecast


Well, flakes are beginning to fall in Grassy Butte

National Weather Service Cooperative observer John Heiser reports snow falling at 8:40 this morning around the Grassy Butte area.

"It's snowing like mad," he said. "They are nickel-size flakes. They are big fat flakes floating down."

The temperature is 32 F in the area, Heiser said.

The NWS issued a winter weather advisory for the west and central parts of North Dakota late today and early Thursday, and a winter storm watch for the northern Red River Valley, according to The Associated Press.

Forecasters say as much as 3 inches of snow could fall in some eastern areas by Thursday afternoon.

The Weather Service says measurable snow is not all that uncommon in North Dakota this time of year, and snow that accumulates early in the season usually melts.