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Anderson family spots an unfamiliar sight on their farm

Courtesy Photo A photo of a moose standing the trees near the Anderson's farm two miles south of Regent. Mark Anderson said this wasn't the first time the moose has been near the property.

Finding a moose in the state of North Dakota can be tough, whether it's found by a hunter or an unsuspecting family.

For the Anderson family, whose farm is two miles south of Regent, a moose isn't an unfamiliar sight, but it's unique.

"They weren't on our said property before, but we saw them for the first time last year during corn harvest," Mark Anderson said. "That was really the first time that we'd seen them, so they've been around."

There could be a variety of reasons moose are found in uncommon areas at this time in the year. Moose bow hunting season can create herds to move from one area to another. The bow hunting season started on Sept. 7. The regular moose season starts in units M4, M8, M9 and M10 start on Friday and units M5 and M6 on Nov. 16.

Another possible reason could be because of rutting. Mark Anderson was about to cut corn in the morning a couple days after the moose was first spotted and he saw another moose in the cornfield. Except this time the bull was accompanied by a cow. Mark didn't want to get to close.

"There was a bull moose and a cow," Anderson said. "I didn't see the cow right away, so I walked down the corn rows to get a better look at it. I got within 25 yards of it and I noticed he had a cow with him. I got out of there because supposedly they are in rut now."

Like any large animal, the size can vary based on food source or traveling distance from one place to another. Anderson said the moose was a decent size for this area.

"Anytime you see anything out of the ordinary, it's pretty neat," Anderson said.