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Strong support during testimony for higher education funding proposal

BISMARCK (FNS) -- The governor, higher education officials and students asked the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday to support a new funding formula they say is transparent, fair and rewards campuses for improving student completion rates.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple, who testified in support of Senate Bill 2200, said the proposal developed by campus business managers would solve the longstanding issue of how to fairly distribute funds to the state's 11 campuses.

"This, to me, seems to be by far the best proposal that we have ever seen," Dalrymple said.

The new model is based on credits completed rather than the current system of using a complex formula that compares campuses to their "peers" nationwide.

Representatives from the North Dakota Student Association, the University of North Dakota student government and the state Board of Higher Education testified in support of the proposal.

The proposal was referred to a subcommittee for further study. It previously received a unanimous vote of support from the Senate Education Committee.