Weather Forecast


Weather changes can be difference between night and day

Weather is on the tip of everyone's tongue whether it's the middle of winter, early part of spring, end of fall or in the dog days of summer.

Judging the weather every week in western North Dakota is as predictable as picking the right lottery numbers.

Since I usually don't leave my place until 2 p.m. for work, I have to check the weather conditions on how to dress.

There's an old saying about the weather in the Midwest, "if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes."

In April, western North Dakota saw just about everything from rain to snow, calm days to winds gusting at 37 mph and temperatures from subfreezing to 70 degrees.

At the start of April, western North Dakota appeared to be one of these springs everyone loves.

However, April 8's snowstorm pushed back those hopes marking the month's first snowstorm. A week of warming up brought about hopes.

Yet, hopes were quickly dashed.

On April 14, a record-setting 16 inches dropped in Dickinson that continued to push back high school and college sports around the area.

Nonetheless, Dickinson didn't see any more snow fall in the last two weeks of the month. But there was some much needed rain.

This past winter was less favorable than the first winter I spent in Dickinson. The first winter was wonderful. The snow fall was limited, temperatures were nice and that icy rain before the potential snowfall never came.

Don't get me wrong, I love the winter months, because it means hockey, ice fishing and the ability to throw snowballs. Though after the last snowfall, I was throwing snowballs at my car and crack my driver's side mirror. That's what I get for having a little bit of fun.

In the weeks it took to melt away the 16 inches of snows western North Dakota saw rain, which in turned helped wipe away the snow faster, and pushout cold and breezy temperatures.

However, in the last week or so, there's only been one day that's really been unbearable, which was Tuesday. With 37 mph cold wind gusts, it wasn't exactly the nicest day of the year.

Though on May Day, the weather appears to be cooperating with the month we are in, but who knows the weather is unpredictable.

McGregor is the outdoors reporter for The Dickinson Press, which is owned by Forum News Service