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Dakota Recreation Report


- June 8 and 9: Lake Sakakawea; Indian Hills Resort, Lake Sakakawea; Parshall Bay.

- June 8: Lake Sakakawea; Wolf Creek.

- June 15: Lake Sakakawea; McKenzie Bay.


- North Dakota Game and Fish Department District game wardens: No reports from small southwestern area lakes. Parshall Bay and New Town areas remain good from shore for pike on Lake Sakakawea. Somewhat improving walleye success south of New Town.

- Beulah, Dakota Waters Resort, Lake Sakakawea: Improving walleye success. Try minnows in 9 to 14 feet in Beaver Bay. Continued pike success with some more than 40 inches long. Try Renner's or Beulah bays.

- Bismarck, Dakota Tackle, Missouri River/area lakes: Missouri River around Bismarck-Mandan fair at best for walleye. Try 3 to 6 feet for bigger walleye around the N.D.-S.D. border on Lake Oahe. No reports from small area lakes in large because of rainy weather limiting activity.

- Dickinson, Andrus Outdoors, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Mossett and McKenzie bays on Lake Sakakawea producing walleye in 6 to 12 feet using Lindy rigs or spinners with minnows or nightcrawlers. Skunk Bay fair with walleye scattered in 6 to 40 feet. Lake Tschida producing walleye below the dam from shore casting jigs and minnows. Camels Hump Dam fair for trout and bluegill. Patterson Lake remains good for pike from shore casting shore.

- Dickinson, Runnings Farm and Fleet, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Rain continues limiting activity, although anglers going to the Van Hook Arm are finding some walleye success. Missouri River remains fair for walleye around the Bismarck-Mandan area. Patterson Lake fair for pike and walleye. Trout success continues at Camels Hump dam.

- Garrison, Cenex Bait and Tackle, Lake Sakakawea: Weather permitting, anglers continue working the east end of Lake Sakakawea or Douglas Bay. Try a variety of presentations. Lake Audubon also fair for walleye using a variety of techniques. No reports from the Missouri River tailrace.

- Garrison, Indian Hills Resort, Lake Sakakawea: Improving walleye success but some inconsistent results due to unstable weather. Work shallow with planar boards or pitching from boats towards the shoreline. Good numbers of smallmouth bass mixed in when walleye fishing. Try Lindy rigs. Scattered pike success.

- Mandan, Southside MVP, Missouri River/area lakes: Muddy conditions slowing Missouri River success but anglers finding a few small walleye.

- Mandaree, McKenzie Bay Marina, Lake Sakakawea: Weather permitting, anglers continue finding some walleye and pike limits in the shallower water of the Little Missouri Arm. Try 10 to 20 feet using spinners or jig with minnows or nightcrawlers. Water temperatures in the main bays and lake remain cooler.

- Pick City, Scott's Bait and Tackle, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Improving walleye success in the Missouri River tailrace chutes using 3-way swivels. River itself remains tough for success. Lots of pike, however. Improving walleye success on Lake Sakakawea. Try jigs, live bait rigs, or spinners with minnows or nightcrawlers in 4 to 14 feet with most activity along the east end's north shore or Douglas Bay. Fair for walleye on Lake Audubon. Try spinners and nightcrawlers.

- New Town, Scenic 23, Lake Sakakawea: Weather permitting, anglers are finding fair to good walleye success. Work shallow in the Van Hook Arm using jigs or Lindy rigs. Also try crankbaits.

- New Town, Van Hook Bait and Tackle, Lake Sakakawea: Improving walleye success in 16 to 20 feet in the Van Hook Arm. Try minnows or nightcrawlers. Good numbers of catfish and pike from shore using smelt or Lindy rigs.

- Watford City, Tobacco Garden Resort, Lake Sakakawea: Continued good shore-fishing success for a mix of catfish nice-sized and pike. Try a variety of presentations. Some boat fishing activity but limited reports yet.

- Williston, Scenic Sports, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Anglers working White Earth Bay on Lake Sakakawea are finding a few walleye but have to work for them. Water is muddy. Look for best activity around the backwaters around Williston until water levels and weather stabilize. Try jigs in the river channel around New Town for walleye or sauger. Muddy roads making access difficult with slower activity on small area lakes.

North Dakota river streamflow and elevation

- Cannonball River, Regent: 8.33 feet; streamflow, 1,050 CFS.

- Green River, New Hradec: River stage, 7.44 feet; streamflow, 57 CFS.

- Heart River, South Heart: River stage, 8.89 feet; streamflow, 681 CFS.

- Knife River, Manning: River stage, 8.28 feet; streamflow, 147 CFS.

- Little Missouri River, Marmath: River stage, 7.35 feet; streamflow, 3,750 CFS.

- Little Missouri River, Medora: River stage, 7.25 feet; streamflow, 3,020 CFS.

- Little Missouri River, Trotters: River stage, 6.4 feet; streamflow, 5,450 CFS.

- Missouri River, Williston: River stage, 20.46 feet.

- Missouri River, Stanton: River stage, 8.46 feet.

- Missouri River, Schmidt Bottoms: River stage, 15.97 feet.

- Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont.: River stage, 10.67 feet; streamflow, 31,400 CFS.

Numbers to know

- NDGF Department main Bismarck office: 701-328-6300; website (

- NDGF Department Dickinson office: 701-227-7431.

- Report All Poachers: 800-472-2121.

- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (

Patricia Stockdill