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Dickinson Police warn of online housing scam

There is a new scam targeting people looking for housing in southwest North Dakota online, according to a press release sent by the Dickinson Police Department.

The scam entails the usage of property for sale, property for lease or rental property, wrote Sgt. Kylan Klauzer. The information for these properties is usually obtained through online sources. The scam is ideal for a community with the dynamic real estate market.

The perpetrator will use the pieces of property located on the Internet and attach false advertisements to them. They will advertise the pieces of property found online for lease, rent or sale, sometimes using the exact advertisement the piece of property was found under, only altering the contact information.

The scam will try to lure people interested in these properties to send money to them via wire transfer or similar methods.

The Dickinson Police Department is warning people to use caution if they are using online real estate advertisements to seek out property.

In addition to reporting any scams to the Dickinson Police Department, it is asking that citizen also report to the Internet Crime Complaint Referral and the Federal Trade Commission.