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Police Briefs

2 arrested in Colo. for Dickinson vehicle theft

After a 1998 GMC Jimmy valued at $10,000 went missing Friday afternoon from a Dickinson residence, authorities in the Denver area found the vehicle and arrested two suspects.

The Dickinson Police Department is working with the Colorado authorities to obtain more information about the suspects, Det. Terry Oestreich said.

Montana man doubles charges by fleeing

Officers called in a K-9 unit after a routine traffic stop on Saturday night, Oestreich said. Officers found what appeared to be a marijuana smoking device, a pipe with a round bowl at the end, in the vehicle. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a Class B misdemeanor.

The suspect, Todd Schreiner of Billings, Mont., fled officers, adding a second Class B misdemeanor to the paraphernalia charges.

Man passes out on strangers' couch, arrested

A Dickinson couple woke up early Sunday morning to find a strange man sleeping on their sofa, Oestreich said.

They called the police, who arrested Jerome Hoffman, a 23-year-old Dickinson man, for criminal trespassing, a Class C felony.

Police receive reports of theft

* A man was cited Sunday night for stealing basics from Walmart, Oestreich said. Ricky Myer, 44, Dickinson, was cited after authorities found him with less than $40 worth of sock and underwear.

* A woman who met her online love for the first time Saturday night at the Dickinson Super 8 came away not loving him so much, Oestreich said. After the gentleman left, the woman called authorities because she was missing $150. Police caught up with the man and he denied taking the money.

No arrests were made in that incident, but after the couple had vacated the room the Dickinson Police Department was called to the hotel again because staff found drug paraphernalia.

* A woman accused her neighbor of stealing merchandise from her Pure Romance adult toy sales kit Sunday evening while she was getting ready for a vendor show, Oestreich said. Police spoke with the neighbor, who denied using that type of product. No arrests or citations were made.