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Weather wreaking havoc on golf course availability

Recent rains have thrown a wrench into late-season golfing plans at the Heart River Golf Course, according to the facility's operations manager.

Speaking at Monday's Dickinson Park Board Meeting at the West River Community Center, Sam Davis said the course was closed to golfers on Saturday and Monday and could be limited further into the week.

"Sunday was very nice and it was a good business day, but we went right back to where we were with the rain (Monday)," Davis said. "We had the course closed on Saturday and it dried up really well with the wind and the sun. It's hard to say what will happen the rest of the week, but the good news is that the course can dry out quickly."

James Kramer, director of Parks and Recreation, said the department fielded some questions from the public as to why the Dickinson golf course wasn't open on Saturday.

"It just wasn't conducive to golf," Kramer said. "The decision was made based on how much moisture was out there. Letting the public out on the course would have just made a complete mess of the course."

Davis said despite the recent setbacks, Heart River Golf Course would "stay open until the bitter end" as golfers continue to move into the final stages of the 2013 season.