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Belfield PD seeking thief on the run

Denise Naugle

BELFIELD -- The Belfield Police Department is seeking the public's help in finding a woman alleged to have stolen $1,700 in charitable gambling money from Rendezvous Bar and Lounge on Friday.

Belfield police Sgt. Travis Carlson said in a criminal complaint that he saw Denise Naugle, 41, taking the cash on surveillance video. He went to her house to try and arrest her but didn't have a warrant and she did not comply. When he returned with a warrant, she was gone.

"She's been on the run ever since then," he said.

Carlson said the department has already received tips indicating Naugle could be in either Belfield or Dickinson.

Naugle is described as a white, 5-foot-5-inch woman with brown eyes and brown hair. She also goes by "Deny," pronounced "Denny."

According to court records, Naugle has a criminal history of misdemeanors, including driving under the influence.

Anyone with information can call the Belfield Police Department at 701-575-4485.