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Panel says judge should be suspended for sexual harassment

BISMARCK -- A hearing panel in a sexual harassment case against a Cass County judge has recommended the judge be suspended for two months without pay as a disciplinary measure.

In its recommendations, a panel of the Judiciary Conduct Commission found that after he made a pass at a female court reporter and was turned down, Cass County District Court Judge Wickham Corwin repeatedly sexually harassed her.

After the court reporter declined his advances, Corwin tried to have her reassigned, disciplined or terminated in retaliation, the hearing panel's findings say.

"(The court reporter) did not want to report Judge Corwin, and if anything, being involved in a public proceeding is probably her worst fear. Further, Judge's Corwin's conduct has subjected the judiciary to public ridicule which undermines the public's confidence in the judiciary," the panel's recommendation says.

The court reporter testified at a hearing June 24-25, at which Corwin also testified.

The panel's recommendation was filed with the state Supreme Court, which makes the final decision on whether to enact the sanctions.