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Staffing firm places workers in industries throughout southwest ND

Press Photos by Katherine Grandstrand The UCP Personnel Services office is located in an office building on Third Street West.

Moving to a new state is hard, especially when you’re moving away from the financial difficulties that plagued you back home — wherever that may be — and sometimes you just need a little boost to get you to the next chapter.

UCP Personnel Services, a Utah-based staffing firm with offices in Dickinson, Minot and St. George, Utah, specializes in full-time permanent placements throughout all sectors of industry, especially the North Dakota oil industry.

“We hire anywhere from construction workers to physician’s assistants,” said Marcy Brannen, manager of the Dickinson location. “We have some higher executive levels as well — I don’t think a lot of people know that. I think that they feel that we’re just general labor.”

The company does not do day labor and is more on the recruiting and placement side of employment agencies.

Using a service takes the screening work out of hiring for companies, Brannen said.

“We try not to just accept anybody that comes off the street,” Brannen said. “And I hate to say that, but some of them are just not good workers.”

There is a 90-day probationary period where a worker is strictly under the employment of UPC.

“We do like to do full-time placement,” Brannen said. “... The workers can stay with us for as long as the company might want them to or they can take them over right after the 90 days or they can buy them out.”

In addition to offering job matches for both job seekers and job posters, the staffing firm offers payroll services and other aids for employers.

“We do offer a lot more benefits than somebody who just offers day labor,” Brannen said.

The best thing a job seeker can bring to their office is a resume, Brannen said.

UCP has helped with resume creation when potential employees don’t have the skills needed to create one, or they call in the professionals at Job Service North Dakota.

“We try to help them out in any way possible,” Brannen said.

One of the challenges facing the team at UCP are the high expectations of job seekers from out of state.

“Years ago — three to five years ago — you could walk in and you could get hired making, let’s say $25 per hour starting out, just because there were no workers,” Brannen said. “Now we’re seeing such a great influx of people coming in that they’re still thinking that the pay — they’re going to make $150,000 (per year) walking out there having no experience.

“Unfortunately, now it’s not like that, because we’ve gotten so many workers in. The pay has normalized. It’s not $25 per hour for entry-level, never been on a rig or never seen a well or anything.”

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