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Dickinson High Digest: DHS student council looks forward to 2014

New Year, New goals. New plans, hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. This statement is especially true for Dickinson High School student council.

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In the past, the student council has been slowing down during the back half of the school year.

This year, however, DHS is lucky enough to have an exceptional leader at the helm in Student Body President Mariah Jorda.

Jorda is a senior and has represented the school with pride and optimism throughout her term as president. Jorda has been involved in student council since seventh grade, holding a representative position in the school before moving on to class president.

“I wanted to see more get done,” Jorda said, “so I decided to take a risk and run (for president).”

Jorda went unopposed in the election last spring and is very grateful to have received the position of student body president.

As president, Jorda is responsible for representing student’s views, as well as being in charge of all the other members of student council.

There are seven members in each class for Student Council.

This year’s freshmen, there are four representatives and three officers: President Isaac Egli, Vice President Macy Mack, Secretary/Treasurer Trevin Hopfauf, and Representatives Chelsea Anderson, Mike Herauf, Abigail Moberg and Cory Zastoupil.

The sophomore class has three officers and four representatives: President Marc Michaelson, Vice President Keana Kudrna and Secretary/Treasurer Ireland Jung. Representatives include Kelsey Calhoun, Hallie Hoffer, Katie Lafond and Kendall O’Hara.

I am the president of the junior class, which includes Vice President Rachel Lantz and Secretary/Treasurer Lindsey Huber. Representatives are Megan Arneson, Jackson Binstock, Jentre Chelgren and Kyle Wegner.

Along with Jorda, the senior councilmembers are Vice President Mackee Hoffmann Secretary Courtney Haugen and Treasurer Tanner Hopfauf, who is also the president of Dickinson High’s National Honor Society. Senior representatives are Parker Egli, Alyssa Hanson and Kelsey Yon.

Each of the members of the senior class has multiple years of experience and they all have been helped and supported by both of the advisers for student council, Assistant Principal Calvin Dean and teacher CaraLee Heiser.

Dean is the primary adviser for student council and has been in this position for four years. His primary responsibilities are to handle the organization’s finances, and to guide and help student council members in accordance with school policy.

Dean said he enjoys the opportunity of “working with the best kids in the school.”

He likes to see students come up with ideas, make decisions, tackle projects and have great results, which he said “make it all come together.”

Student council has come together nicely over the first semester of the school year.

As a student council, we have organized food drives, blood drives, a Chevrolet Celebrate My Drive event and a successful pep rally for homecoming.

These events have taught me a great deal about leadership, and also how much behind-the-scenes work goes into preparing an event.

I personally have taken a lot from student council, as this is my first year on it. I decided to run because I wanted to be an integral part of the school and I wanted to see what it takes to be on the inside of an event. Having that perspective has helped me not only in student council, but also in other aspects of my life.

The semester ended with the annual North Dakota Association of Student Councils state convention from Dec. 15-17. At the convention, students from across North Dakota attended mini-sessions, amazing general sessions, and my favorite part, campaigns for state student council.

I campaigned for state president at the conference and it was an amazing experience. I had to give campaign speeches to more than 1,400 delegates, as well as have campaign material to hand out to all attendees at the conference. I had material ranging from papers that read “VOTE REED!” to small ribbons telling everyone to vote myself for president.

My strength wasn’t in the material, however. It was in the speaking.

I had gotten positive feedback from delegates throughout the weekend complimenting my speaking ability. It was so great to be known on a statewide level and I gained followers from people I had never known. I would like to say I was some sort of politician on the campaign trail to president.

The hard work paid off. I took second place in the presidential race, meaning I was elected to the position of vice president of the NDASC.

Being vice president comes with new responsibilities and perks.

For instance, I go to Minneapolis at the end of January and travel to Orlando, Fla., in July.

I assist the president, junior Katie Mastel of Bismarck St. Mary’s High School, in anything we agree on. I also assist the other officers, Class B representative Aaron Knudtson of Harvey High School, and Class A representative Carmen Ross of Fargo North High School. They are also both juniors.

Working with these people will be a fun challenge to tackle and I am looking to take it in stride.

I thank everyone who supported me on my journey to this position and I look forward to serving with honor and integrity as a prominent junior officer for the state of North Dakota.