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Johnson: Memories made at Dickinson High Prom 2014

Dickinson High juniors and seniors shared “a moonlit moment” on Saturday, April 26.

“A Moonlit Moment” was the theme of this year’s prom, which was planned by Dickinson High’s junior class officers.

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The officers had first met back in October to discuss details and plan for the night. The grand march started at 7 p.m. Saturday night and this year 104 couples entered in the march together. Couples marched out to popular songs such as “Bastille” by Pompeii, and “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, to name a few. Student body President Mariah Jorda was the first to take to the walkway, and she was escorted by her date and former student body President Austin Mack.

After the grand march, sophomore class officers, including Vice President Keana Kudrna and representatives Hallie Hoeffer, Katie Lafond and Kendall O’Hara tore down unnecessary decorations and the dance soon commenced. The disc jockeys for this year came from Midnight Express, who DHS administrators started using for their dances two years ago. Familiar hits were played, as well as some old classics like AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

Prom 2014 was planned by the junior class officers and led by prom advisors Ms. Tina Nygaard and Ms. Paula Williams, both of whom are teachers at Dickinson High. The prom committee consisted of junior class leaders, including President Reed Johnson, Vice President Rachel Lantz, Secretary/Treasurer Lindsey Huber and representatives Megan Arneson, Jackson Binstock, Jentre Chelgren and Kyle Wegner.

This is Wegner’s first year on the Student Council and he has enjoyed his experience overall. He also added that this year’s prom “went according to plan” and that it looked very professional.

“As a whole, we worked great as a team,” Wegner said. “Everyone did their part and it went well.”

This is Nygaard’s third year as a teacher at Dickinson High and her second year being the head advisor for prom. She stated that she thought the dancing was very respectful and added that she thought the DJs did well with the music selection throughout the night.

“I thought that they all did a great job, all worked hard, put a lot of effort in, worked on time, stayed cool and were always very respectful and did what they were supposed to do,” Nygaard said.

The planning of Prom took place over the course of the entire school year.

Meetings were held monthly and every aspect of prom was planned, from the name of the annual event to the flavor of the punch that was made. Once the ideas were proposed and passed, the committee was tasked with fundraising for the occasion. Committee members sold Halloween candy back in October, candy canes in December, Valentine’s Day crush pops and even Dickinson High sunglasses. Tickets went on sale a month from the start of Prom. They cost $20 per individual or $30 per couple.

The students really put their nose to the grindstone starting on Easter Monday, April 21, until Friday, April 25. More than 20 hours were spent setting up the prom. A canopy had to be made, arches and columns had to be built, and flooring had to be laid. Once the set up was done, a very memorable prom was ready to be had.

“I was kinda all around,” Marc Michaelson said. “I did some of the canopy work, built some of the arches and helped laid the floor down.”

He added how the decorating went really well and on how well the finished product turned out.

Sophomore officers also helped set up for the dance, including Michaelson, Kudrna, and representatives Calhoun, Hoeffer, Lafond and O’Hara. They all contributed to the success of prom.

After the dance, juniors and seniors were all invited the after prom party held at Lady J’s. The After Prom party lasted from 12:30-3:30 am and door prizes were given out. Students were also entertained by a hypnotist at the event.

All in all, juniors and seniors reacted positively to Prom 2014. The goal of the prom committee was to provide a safe and memorable experience for all juniors and seniors.

Hopefully, the night of the 2014 prom was “A Moonlit Moment” for all that attended.

Johnson is a junior at Dickinson High School who is involved in multiple extracurricular activities.