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Funky junk: Dickinson woman opens store specializing in restored second-hand items

Press Photos by Dustin Monke Tyanna Roux shows off some of the “junk” she has restored that hangs on the walls for sale inside of her shop in north Dickinson.1 / 3
Press Photos by Dustin Monke Willow Roux, the namesake of the store, laughs while hanging out inside the Miss Willow's Nest shop in north Dickinson.2 / 3
Press Photos by Dustin Monke Tyanna Roux looks over one of her displays May 16 inside of Miss Willow’s Nest, a recently opened “junk shop” inside the Dakota Sew and So building in north Dickinson. 3 / 3

It’s Tuesday, trash day in her neighborhood, and so typically Tyanna Roux is out there — driving through Dickinson on her way to her shop, checking out the trash cans.

Roux usually wears sunglasses, because it can be scary. She said it takes guts to stop at some stranger’s trash can and put into her car a discarded chair or some other salvageable discarded item. She said she can’t understand why these things are thrown away.

Roux, 27, is the owner of Miss Willow’s Nest, a recently opened “junk shop” in the Dakota Sew and So building. It’s named after her daughter, 2-year-old Willow, and her love of nests — birds’ nests and the home nest.

She collects nests and has about 25 of all different types. She and her husband, Charles Roux, 29, also turned a chandelier in their home’s foyer into something that looks like a nest using wire and branches.

“Poor kid,” she said about her husband. He likes modern and clean lines, but the only thing in their house like that are the stainless steel appliances, she said. But she said he completely supports her passion for this and the junk shop venture.

For the shop, she takes items found in the trash or bought at garage sales, auctions and other places, roughs them up some more, and with some creativity and interesting paint jobs and materials, turns them into what she calls vintage, funky, shabby chic things that people want.

“It’s hard to keep the shop full,” she said.

Roux, even during childhood in Killdeer, has had an interest in decorating and design. She wanted to be a fashion designer. In high school, she would find out in various ways what was fashionable in faraway big cities like Minneapolis and wear those clothes to school — where she then got teased.

She was the first one to wear Ugg boots — hers were pink — and fellow students told her they looked like snow boots. When she wore a long jacket with pants, she was told it looked like a robe. But Roux said invariably, in about a year’s time, Killdeer’s popular girls were wearing what she’d been wearing.

Roux attended Dickinson State University for a bit and the former Killdeer dance team member did cheerleading there, too. But she didn’t know what she wanted to do and left college.

Roux said she got jobs helping disabled people. She also was the Dickinson High School dance coach when the team won the state jazz and hip hop championships. And she started working very part-time for a local home decor store, mainly for the employee discount.

It was when she was working there that she realized she could start her own decor business, but have things that people her age were looking for — those vintage, funky things.

She found a small space and opened Feb. 14, a favorite holiday of hers and also her wedding anniversary.

Miss Willow’s Nest is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The third week of the month, she’s open for four days, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Roux said she’s a one-person operation and a mom, so on the other days she’s searching for new inventory and focusing on family.

Roux said she’s proud to call herself a “junker,” dresses the part and can see a fellow junker coming from a long distance — the funky hairdo and clothes.

But she said she’s having a blast.

“Finally, I can say I love going to work,” Roux said.

Miss Willow’s Nest

What: Junk shop of vintage, funky, shabby chic items

Owner: Tyanna Roux

Address: 2797 Third Ave. W, Dickinson (inside Dakota Sew and So building)


Phone: 701-590-0976