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Rhoades: Small town style

Sweatpants. Baggy, holey T-shirts and a $2 pair of flip-flops. I’ll admit it, I’ve left the house in my pajamas once or twice. Most days, I would rather sleep for five more minutes than run a flat iron through my hair. But, when I don’t take the time to look somewhat presentable, I avoid human interaction at all costs. I promise, if I see you down the aisle at the store, I will dive between the piles of toilet paper to avoid you.

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Putting on a nice pair of jeans might take a few seconds longer than putting on some sweatpants, but the feeling you get knowing you look better than you would have is worth it. People will notice you for the right reasons. They’re going to wonder where you got those jeans rather than how bad you probably smell.

Fashion is kind of a scary topic. When I used to think of what being fashionable meant, I pictured skinny models strutting down a runway in outrageous and impractical clothing. Now, I know better. Fashion is an outward expression of how you feel about yourself and the people around you. If I don’t care what you think of me, you’ll be seeing me in those ratty tees. If I want to leave a good impression, I might go so far as to wear dress pants, and count yourself lucky, because I do not do that often.

Growing up in Dickinson, fashion wasn’t really that big of a deal. A “night out” in this small town meant getting appetizers at Applebee’s or bowling a few games at Classic Lanes. We didn’t really have anywhere to go if we wanted to dress up. With the influx of new people and businesses, Dickinson residents have a growing source of inspiration and places to show off their style. I see new trends popping up every day, whether I’m in the mall or downtown, and I want to be a part of it.

What you wear on your body is all about how you feel on the inside. I’ll wear my cotton maxi dress if I want to be comfortable and cute. If I’m daring, I’ll wear skinny jeans and a pair of booties. I have more confidence when I know I look nice. I’ll use that time I would’ve spent hiding between the stacks of toilet paper to flag you down myself.

Rhoades is a junior writing major at Dickinson State University

and works for Maurices in Prairie Hills Mall. She will be

writing a fashion column in Our Town.