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Johnson: Back to school at DHS

School officially starts for Dickinson High on Wednesday. Some students, however, like those in student council, have been at the school for the past week.

Student council members and faculty have been busy registering students for the new school year. Seniors started registering last Monday. Last Friday, new students registered for the 2014-15 school year.

For most students at Dickinson High, this will be another first day of school in their high school career, but for the Class of 2015, this will be their last. Senior Raven Kitzan described the situation as exciting and looks forward to the memories that will be made throughout her senior year. Kitzan is also a senior representative on the Dickinson High Student Council and has been responsible this year for buying and selling Dickinson Midgets apparel that will be sold at school events.

Kitzan, when asked about how whether or not she was excited to have this be her last year of high school, said she was “looking forward to ending my career at Dickinson High and starting the next chapter in my life.”

Another student looking forward to the first day of school is sophomore Jerzy Martin.

Martin plays both hockey and golf, in addition to focusing on his studies. He thinks that balancing sports and school work revolves well, despite having to miss school frequently for games. Martin said he plans “to get really good grades” this year, and he thinks he’s going to feel nervous on the first day of school this year.

Some students will experience their first day of Dickinson High school this year. This includes the freshmen class of 2018, which registered last Thursday. The freshmen students are already looking forward to meeting new friends and walking the halls of DHS.

Freshmen Kody Johnson, a representative on student council, has participated in making preparations for Dickinson High’s homecoming, which happens in three weeks.

“I think it’s going to be great and I think it’s going to be a great start to an excellent new school year,” said Johnson.

Johnson also adds that this year’s homecoming festivities “will be a blast” for all who attend.

The freshmen class and all new students won’t go in blind, however. New student orientation is today, and the new students will be given tours and have time to get any questions they have answered. Students at orientation will also have a chance to attend all of their classes for a brief time and ask questions to their teachers. The tours are being led by members of the DHS student council, adding even more to their already busy schedule.

Student council had its first meeting on Aug. 14. At the meeting, they chose members to work registration and orientation shifts and started preparations for homecoming night, which is held Friday, Sept. 12. The Midgets’ football team hosts Bismarck High School at the Biesiot Activities Center.

Members were put into one of six committees, which ranged anywhere from planning the pep assembly to choosing class themes during spirit week. They have also been busy planning the Dickinson High tailgate, which will be held before the homecoming game for the second straight year.

This effort is headed by Marc Michaelson, the junior class president who has been working on getting vendors and having local businesses donate to the cause. Returning this year will be a dunk tank, with students “voting” for the teachers they want to see dunked by putting money in buckets with the pictures of teachers faces. The teachers with the most money will have longer shifts in the dunk tank.

The student council’s advisor for this year is the new assistant principal, Mr. Thomas Barr.

Barr has been an administrator for seven years and has received his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Iowa and his master’s in administration from Northwest Missouri State University. He hopes to have his doctorate next year. Barr is looking to work closely with teachers and students alike and he asks that DHS students “give us their best — whatever that is.”

“There are so many people that work here that are committed to seeing our students succeed, in whatever they choose to do,” Barr said. “I am the same and I want the students to take advantage of all of the tremendous opportunities they have here for preparing themselves for life, and for the time when they will be in the workplace or college.”

Barr expects to ask a lot of questions this first year and address the challenges the school faces “head-on as they come.”

“I hope the road isn’t too bumpy,” Barr added, “but you will sometimes face adversity in life. It’s how you handle it that will define the type of person you are, and I feel that I am a very helpful and positive person.”

Johnson is a senior and president of the student council at Dickinson High School. He is involved in various extracurricular activities and was the North Dakota Boys State governor.