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ND man arrested for spreading HIV to at least one woman

WILLISTON, N.D.—A man arrested this week in Williston is suspected of having spread HIV to at least one other person, police say.

Angel Miguel Rodriguez, 41, was charged with transfer of body fluid that may contain HIV, a Class A felony.

Police, citing the investigation's sensitivity because it is related to medical issues, aren't releasing many details, but say they expect at least one additional victim to come forward.

Although authorities do not want to create a panic, they are hoping that anyone who believes they may have been exposed to speak with detectives, Sgt. Detective Amy Nickoloff said.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous said she believes she contracted HIV from Rodriguez while the two were dating in 2015.

She said she hesitated to go to the police because the allegation was hard to prove, but didn't wait to let friends and acquaintances know after her January 2016 diagnosis.

"I let everyone know I had it... I knew there were other victims," the woman, 53, said. "I know there's other women out there."

She said she has been open about her experience in the hopes of preventing further transmission of the virus.

"We don't know the extent of all of this," she said. "There's people out there that could be spreading it."

She said she began dating Rodriguez after the two met at work. He never told her of his HIV diagnosis, she said. The relationship ended several months later, and it wasn't until the next year that a doctor's visit to replenish unrelated medication resulted in unplanned bloodwork, which came back positive for HIV.

"My world revolves around taking pills and making sure you take them on time," the woman said.

Rodriguez has been living in Williston for some time working construction jobs, according to the woman, who said she witnessed his arrest on Monday in Williston.