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Durum wheat acres rebound in ND after flooding

FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- Durum wheat acres in North Dakota have rebounded dramatically a year after flooding devastated the prime durum-growing region in the state.

The Agriculture Department's June acreage report estimates North Dakota durum acres at 1.4 million, up 87 percent over the year. Durum is used for pasta.

Acres of the state's staple spring wheat crop have dropped 3 percent from 2011, to 5.5 million.

North Dakota soybean acres are estimated at a record 4.6 million, up 15 percent from last year. The state's corn crop also is a record at 3.4 million acres, up 52 percent. The canola crop has tied a record at 1.3 million acres.

Acres of barley, sunflowers, safflowers, flaxseed, dry edible beans and alfalfa hay also are up this year. Sugar beet acres are down 5 percent.