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Dickinson police name Facebook terrorizing suspect

Joshua Keller, 26, a former Dickinson High School student, was arrested for terrorizing after allegedly posting threatening messages on Facebook, the Dickinson Police Department said Thursday.

Keller was arrested Sunday after allegedly posting he was angry but glad he had purchased a gun, DPD Capt. Dustin Dassinger said.

"Then apparently he made some type of a statement that 'let's see if North Dakota needs a Columbine and a Virginia Tech, yes we do,'" Dassinger said. "He had removed some of these posts prior to our talking to him."

Dassinger said the posts began around Aug. 8 and while Keller's posts seem threatening in nature, he does not believe Keller intended to act on them.

"I think it was just an utterance, a threat," Dassinger said.

Keller could not be reached for comment.