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Watford City man connected to Washington homicide often shot at gun range despite felonies

The North Dakota oil speculator implicated in a murder-for-hire plot to kill a Washington state man kept guns and frequented a nearby shooting range despite multiple felony convictions, prosecutors allege.

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James Henrikson, 34, of Watford City was arrested Saturday by federal agents near Bismarck and is being held in lieu of bond. He faces a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm after federal agents last week found a safe in his western North Dakota home containing multiple pistols, shotguns and a rifle.

At an initial court appearance Tuesday, Henrikson petitioned the court to provide an attorney. A judge ordered Henrikson remain in custody pending a bail hearing, tentatively scheduled for Friday.

Henrikson has been linked to the shooting death of Doug Carlile in Spokane on Dec. 15. Investigators say Timothy Suckow, who himself spent time in federal and state prisons, pulled the trigger at the direction of Henrikson. An associate of Carlile dating back at least two years, Henrikson told police that Carlile owed him nearly $2 million from dealings on the mineral rights to tribal lands already producing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of oil daily.

Agents seized financial and medical records in addition to seven firearms from the safe, according to court documents. Investigators said they searched the home for “various items related to suspected financial crime.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Miller told Henrikson at the hearing Tuesday the firearms charge was filed to keep him in custody while a grand jury mulls indicting him on additional criminal counts.

Henrikson and Carlile were business partners in a Spokane-based firm called Kingdom Dynamic Enterprises, according to investigators.

Carlile told his sons shortly before the shooting that if anything happened to him, Henrikson was likely the culprit, according to police.

Henrikson’s criminal history includes five felony convictions out of Deschutes County, Oregon, according to federal investigators. The most recent conviction was for the illegal manufacture of marijuana in February 2011. Henrikson also was found guilty of eluding police, burglary, assault and theft dating back to 2001, according to federal investigators.

In spite of these convictions, Henrikson often visited a gun range and store in Watford City, according to one of Henrikson’s investors interviewed by police.

The criminal complaint Tuesday wasn’t the first time the federal court has heard from Henrikson. He asked Google last year to turn over records of a blogger posing as him, including posting photos of him and his wife. The blogger alleged Henrikson had scammed several clients and was involved in the disappearance of a former operations manager, Kristopher “KC” Clarke. Henrikson said the accusations were false and defamatory.

The websites and online profiles cited in the legal filing by Henrikson have since been taken down.

Alleged gunman Suckow remains in custody of the Spokane County Jail in lieu of $2 million bond.

Hill is a reporter for the Spokane Spokesman Review. The story was provided special to Forum News Service. Bismarck Tribune reporter Jenny Michael contributed to this report.