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Grand Forks-area stabbing victim’s ex charged

GRAND FORKS — Jennifer Blue, the ex-girlfriend of a man stabbed to death Nov. 17 near Grand Forks, has been charged with murder along with three men.

She and the men will be arraigned in state district court today.

Investigators said from the start it was Joe Saucedo who stabbed Ruben Cisneros Jr. during a burglary of Cisneros’ home aimed at getting Blue’s property back.

On Nov. 19, Saucedo was charged with murder and burglary, while Blue, 23, Thomas Begg, 23, and Vincent Gladue, 24, were charged only with burglary.

But Thursday, the amended complaints including murder counts against Blue, Begg and Gladue were made public, signed Wednesday by prosecutor Carmell Mattison. The four can enter formal pleas today.

They have been in the Grand Forks County jail since their arrests in November.

While Saucedo, who turned 22 in December, is the only one accused of stabbing Cisneros, the other three are just as guilty of his murder because he was killed during their burglary of his home, according to the new charges.

The murder charge they face carries a top prison sentence of life without parole. The burglary charge carries a top prison sentence of 10 years.

It was just turning to Blue’s birthday Nov. 17 when she and her sister, 16, and Gladue and Begg drove the 10 miles from East Grand Forks to Cisneros’ home, where he lived with a brother and his father northwest of Grand Forks International Airport.

Until days before, Blue had lived there, too, with Cisneros, who was 33.

She came back with the four others to retrieve her property, including two Honda cars, clothing and other items, said Cisneros’ younger brother, Joel, who was awakened by the break-in.

By 1:02 a.m. that Sunday morning, Ruben Cisneros was bleeding and dying in his brother’s arms as his brother called 911. He died before the ambulance arrived.