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Investigators turn to Sander’s phones

Investigators are looking to Thomas Sander’s phones in making their case that he started the Trinity High School fire last month.

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Dickinson Police Det. Jeremy Moser believes evidence is contained in “voicemails, text messages, contact lists, phone numbers and all other electronically stored data” in Sander’s flip phone and his Dickinson Catholic Schools-registered iPhone, according to search warrants filed March 10.

Sander, 30, is charged with B felonies arson and endangerment by fire in relation to the March 3 fire at Trinity, which displaced hundreds of students. He was principal at the time of the alleged crime. The fate if the building is yet to be known.

Sander is currently out on bail, and he is in the custody of his father.

Both phones were already in custody of the Dickinson Police Department.
Evidence to support the case will be presented April 21 at Sander’s preliminary hearing.